Heckler Tablet Enclosures

Windfall mounting systems give you a aesthetically pleasing, practical and secure way of mounting tablets in a POS retail environment. The Heckler Design range includes a number of different mounting options for a large range of tablets including iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets & Microsoft Surface Tablets.

Secured, Not Enclosed

Your iPad isn't going anywhere. Our patented tablet brackets closely contour and capture your iPad's corners with heavy steel. In addition, our brackets secure your Lightning cables and Card Reader cables.

But security need not equate to a lack of functionality. With WindFall Stand Prime, every camera, button, switch, speaker, and port remains functional and accessible. You can use the Guided Access feature in iOS to limit the functionality of the Home button and other iPad features.

Secure Mounting Options

Each Stand Prime includes PivotTable, the versatile mounting accessory for WindFall products. Use the included double-sided adhesive disc to secure it down to your countertop, or the single-sided adhesive to allow the Stand to move freely. Install PivotTable in the center hole for easy swiveling, or in the pivot-and-slide slot to allow your Stand to reach across to your customers. Secure a Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock to the Stand's base or to the PivotTable for added security.

Tamper-Resistant Assembly

Practicality doesn't have to compromise good looks. WindFall Stand Prime's fingerprint- and scratch-resistant powdercoat finish is as durable as it is gorgeous. Stand Prime's tamper-resistant, stainless steel hardware gives you the peace of mind to be able to leave your tablet unattended.

Cables Managed

The tablet brackets in WindFall Stand Prime help manage cable mess while simultaneously securing your charging cables.

Available Models

Desktop Stand

DeviceOrientationAvailable ColorsSKURRP
iPad Air & 9.7-inch iPad Pro Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam H458 $245
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Landscape Black H464 $245
12.9-inch iPad Pro Portrait Black H385 $279
12.9-inch iPad Pro Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam White H384  $279
iPad mini Portrait Black Red Grey Seafoam H436  $207
iPad mini Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam H434  $207
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Landscape Black H272  $245
Surface Pro 3 & 4 Landscape Black Red Grey H403  $279
Surface 3 Landscape Black Red Grey H279  $245
iPad 2, 3, 4 Landscape Black H264  $245

Wall Frame

DeviceOrientationAvailable ColorsSKURRP
9.7-inch iPad Pro/iPad Air Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam H363 $225
12.9-inch iPad Pro Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam H387 $243
iPad mini Landscape Black Red Grey Seafoam H435 $190
Surface Pro 3 & 4 Landscape Black Grey White H404 $243
Surface 3 Landscape Black Red Grey  H282 $225
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Landscape Black H273 $225

All prices are exclusive of G.S.T. and are subject to change at any time.

Easy Assembly

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