Tailwind Terminal Mounting

Tailwind offer a versatile range on terminal mounting options to suite every terminal model available with a universal terminal mounting plate called PED Packs.

Tailwind's terminal mounting system includes countertop mounting, secured mount, wall mount and hand-held for drive through.

With Tailwind's innovative universal terminal machine support system, upgrading terminal machines is a breeze with just a single component required to connect the new terminal to the existing base.


Your Contour wall mount can be used with either our FirstBase or SafeBase product, depending on the level of security required for your installation:


Tailwinds bestselling base, suitable for the majority of retail locations, FirstBase can be used with any Tailwind mounting solutions. Unique latching mechanism is fitted as standard.

The latch can be released easily using the button at the back of the mount allowing the machine to be passed directly to a customer, for example to a wheelchair user

You can upgrade your FirstBase to SafeBase in a simple process, contact us for more details.


SafeBase is Tailwinds' secure ‘lock and key’ base which ensures your card payment machine is completely safe from theft and malicious interference by latching the unit in place and then locking the latch in place with a key. This makes it almost impossible for anyone to gain access to the back of the machine or to steal it.

SafeBase can be used with any of our mounting solutions and offers our most secure base for your payment machine. Keys can be supplied which are unique to each stand, unique to each retail location or with universal keys for your installation

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You can upgrade your FirstBase to SafeBase in a simple process, contact us for more details.

Why choose FLEXiPOLE™?


We know all about card machines and mounting at Point of Sale. Tailwind™ products are packed with design-lead features, leading the industry in innovation and design.


50% cost saving on an average installation in comparison to other brands.


Retailers must comply with PCI DSS, maintain security for customer card data and ensure the card payment machine itself is secure from theft or interference. FlexiPole’s PedPacks prevent access to the rear of the card machine and our secure latching mechanism makes stealing the machine extremely challenging for criminals.


FlexiPole™ is such a secure system because we supply an individually tailored ‘back’ for your card payment machine (a PEDPack) which allows our unique latching mechanism to engage with your base. A list of all the card machine models we currently support is available on our website. We can also create a bespoke solution for you, just get in touch to find out more. Alternatively, if you’re not sure of your choice of payment machine, our FlexiGrip product is a great solution and works with any payment machine.


A universal mounting product, the FlexiGrip will securely hold almost any payment machine and has an attractive shape with a small lip at the foot of the mounting platform to support the PED and foam ‘grippers’ housed in strong ‘arms’ formed from moulded plastic. The foam grippers are supplied with high friction pads, so just remove the protective film to securely stick your payment machine in place.


A PED Pack is a custom backplate, that secured the terminal to the select FirstBase or SafeBase.

PED Packs are available for a large number of terminals from the following brands:

  • Ingenico
  • Verifone 
  • PAX Technology
  • Worldline
  • Hypercom

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