Outdoor Digital Signage

Samsung OHD Series SMART Signage delivers an all-inclusive outdoor signage solution that is completely equipped for virtually any environment. OHD Series displays integrate every essential component and all the technology required for outdoor signage in a thin display. So, businesses can reach customers without the typical outdoor display mechanical design, installation and management issues.
Built for durability and flexibility, OHD Series displays can withstand extreme temperatures from -30°C to 50°C. The displays include slim and innovative temperature regulation systems for 24/7 operation in outdoor environments. And with 3,000 nit(46") brightness, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, and anti-reflection glass, businesses can be sure that messages are seen vibrantly almost anytime or anywhere.

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Designed for the Outdoors

OHD Series displays mesmerize audiences with high brightness that outshines conventional outdoor displays. The displays feature innovative Reflection Cancelling Technology to reduce reflection, an extremely high contrast ratio for vivid images, Auto Brightness Sensor to optimize brightness and Polarized Sunglass Support to optimally convey messaging to virtually any viewer.

Increase messaging visibility with Magic Protection Glass

Enhance clearer message delivery for greater impact with innovative Reflection Cancelling Film, which reduces reflection and prevents glare under outdoor environments with direct sunlight. Embedded Samsung-developed RC film achieves a pinnacle of optical science that delivers clearer, more vivid images and presents distinctive differences in color, brightness and color uniformity for higher visibility. This cutting-edge, visual technology has been certified at a level of “High Visibility Outdoor Performance” by TÜV Rheinland, an international certification organization.

Rely on strong 24/7 durability in virtually any environment

Present business messaging 24/7 even when the signage is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight, or to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, water and heat. OHD Series SMART Signage is mechanically designed to endure high temperatures that can withstand a wide operating range of: -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F) temperature variation. The displays’ waterproof and dust proof design covers the fan, drain hole, plug and power outlets and features IP56-certified protection that satisfies the international standard of protection as mandated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Enhanced anti-vandalism technologies (tempered glass and post-processing) prevent breaks, scratches and defacement to optimize the signage for outdoor usage.

Display content with optimal brightness and cost-efficiency

Optimize brightness control while reducing display operating expenses and power consumption with an automatic brightness sensor. Customize the maximum and minimum brightness within a range of 200- nit to 3,000-nit brightness to complement any environment and adjust brightness levels both manually or automatically as needed. Control expenses by saving energy and extending the life of the displays to minimize TCO with the auto brightness sensor.

Simplify outdoor signage with an all-in-one solution

Conveniently and easily install, design and operate outdoor signage with an all-encompassing array of features in a single display. The all-inclusive design features ingression protection, anti-reflection technology, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system. All of the components arrive perfectly preassembled. The simple OHD Series SMART Signage enclosure requires no additional parts, so it is completely ready for virtually any space.

Eliminate eyewear display blindness and convey messaging optimally to virtually any viewer

Enable your audience – even viewers who wear polarized sunglasses – to clearly see your message. Because light emitted from an LCD display is polarized, a viewer wearing polarized sunglasses perceives that the display is turned off in either portrait or landscape mode. OHD Series displays feature circular polarizing technology that eliminates display blindness caused by polarized sunglasses. 


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