espy Media Players

In store media players provide an excellent way to communicate with your customers right on the shop floor in front of the product. Media players enable you to drive the selling process by making a sales pitch while the customer holds the product in their hands. Video as a sales platform is a powerful and familiar tool in today's information hungry world. 

espy media players are designed for commercial use ready to the touch and demanding retail environment.

  • Sizes from 10" to 21.5" available
  • Looping video & photos
  • Scheduled playlists
  • Remote update via internet
  • Update via USB drive
  • Auto/ scheduled  power on/ off
  • Secure & tamper proof
  • Totally self-contained single unit
  • Unobtrusive clean design
  • Built-in speakers
  • Quick non-technical installation
  • Full range of brackets & mounting options available


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