Digital Signage

With the availability of almost limitless online purchasing options and the use of mobile communication devices, brick-and-mortar stores must compete to capture the attention of modern shoppers. To help gain market share, many businesses are increasingly turning to electronic visual displays to help present valuable information about products, services and promotions. However, as the technology in electronic displays advances, the displays become more complex to implement and manage, often requiring additional equipment to operate.

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Digital Signage VS Static Signage

Digital signage is a powerful tool for getting a message out with numerous applications across numerous industries.
Digital signage is an eye-catching way to get more attention by providing a familiar digital experience consumers are accustomed to in today market. Digital signage give you an efficient way to adapt your marketing to suite your target audience in a quick and cost effective and sustainable way.


Components Of a Digital Signage Deployment


The display is the first component that needs to be determined, how big does it need to be, will it be mounted on a wall or a shop shelf. Can it be a single monitor or does it need to be a video wall or a LED wall?

How bright should it be, will it be going inside or outside, does it need to be weather or waterproof. How many hours a day will it be running, what sort of warranty is required?

Once these factors are determined we next select a media player.

Media Player

The media player is the "brains" of the display. These can be integrated or stand-alone. The benefits of an integrated media player are that there is only one unit in the whole installation, less things can potentially go wrong, there are less "moving parts". The benefit of a stand-alone media player is that should either component need be replaced the other component can continue to be used.

Mounting & Installation

What is the structural surface do we have to mount the display on? Will it be mounted flat or does it need to be pointed in a particular direction? What access do we have to the area to install the display, will special equipment be required?

Content Management & Deployment

One of the benefits of digital signage is that it can be connected to the cloud which provides a expansive platform for content management and deployment. Managing 1, 10 or 100's of displays is made easy a variety of CMS & CMS, we will match the right on to your requirements. Content can be uploaded to the cloud and then deployed remotely via the internet. Content can easily be updated and changed as necessary.  

Remote Monitoring

With a cloud connected display remote monitoring takes on a whole new meaning. Displays can be controlled completely with via the cloud control panel, you can check what content, remote desktop style control - see the screen and use the remote control over the internet. Reporting features such as up time & proof of play ensures you know exactly what is being displays and when without needed to physical visit the site.

Custom Digital Signage

espy has a been manufacturing customer solutions for customer around New Zealand & Australia.

espy offers a full range of services from design and prototyping to mass production. Discuss your idea with espy and we will supply you with 3D renders and drawings of what the finial product will look like.

Panoramic Extra Wide Screens

When an extra wide screen is needed, we have a 16:4.5 screen from Samsung measuring 916 x 281mm, designed for commercial use 24/7, this 700 cd/m2 screen will have you sorted for many applications from retail to transport. 

Full Spectrum of Services

espy can look after the whole deployment of your digital signage project. From hardware sales, CDMS, installation, content creation, content deployment & maintenance.