Digital Signage Management

Digital signage is proving its worth in a myriad of settings where user and customer engagement is critical to the livelihood of any given business. But to ensure that your end users remain fully engrossed, deeply immersed and completely engaged, you need content creation and management functionality that has the stamina and resourcefulness to keep up of the demands of your business. Built to support Samsung’s product line of Display Solutions, MagicInfo Solution responds to such needs and has since positioned itself at the forefront of digital signage management solutions. MagicInfo Solution represents a selection of software that can suit different purposes or needs for differing usage environments where you may wish to effectively leverage your digital content and extract maximum ROI. 

MagicInfo Web Author

MagicInfo Web Author is an extremely extensive and powerful content authoring software in the MagicInfo ecosystem.

With features like multi-zone layouts, automatic slideshows, dynamic linking from the web, MagicInfo Web Author is a powerful platform to create dynamic content for sale advertisements, featured & new products in-store menu boards and more!

Playlists & Scheduling

MagicInfo's playlist & scheduling functionality is second to none. Publishers can create multiple playlists and schedule them to all screens, screen groups or individual screens.

With scheduling, you can not only manage the media on the screen but screens settings such as power on/ off and media source such as HDMI or on-board media player.

MagicInfo playlists can be used for audience targeting, for instance, playing certain content for males and other content for females, perfect for retail stores selling gender specific items such as clothing.

Data from sources such as SQL can also be used in scheduling with the DataLink module


MagicInfo Server can be leveraged by your Samsung SMART Signage to make use of its dynamic DataLink functionality. DataLink acts as a conduit for your display solution and allows for its content to tie in with remote database sources. By always being assured of having the automated capacity to provide updated content without having to manually and individually edit the content for each display, you can have peace of mind knowing that customers are being reached with timely and targeted information without any effort needed on your part. RSS feeds are also supported by MagicInfo Server, allowing your network of displays to feature text-based information such as weather and financial information as needed.

Audience Measurement

Within Samsung MagicInfo Server, Audience Measurement allows for harvesting of customer recognition data based on age and gender when the camera option is installed on the display.
The function is automatically activated and works only when the dedicated camera is connected. The software solution includes two major features: Dynamic Content Play and Data Statistics.

User & Role Management

MagicInfo has user and role management which can be used to restrict user to certain roles such as content editors, content uploaders, schedule managers, device managers, administrators and more.

Multiple types of displays through a single server

The real power within Samsung MagicInfo Server lies with its ability to provide multiple network-based solutions for displays that are situated in different settings, whether onsite or offsite. Another hallmark of MagicInfo Server is its compatibility and capacity to seamlessly operate across connected Samsung SMART Signage devices such as standalone displays, video wall displays, semi-outdoor and outdoor displays, small signage displays, eBoard displays and more. IT managers can be more empowered now than ever through being able to conveniently and expediently oversee the status of multiple displays situated throughout the premises or company from a single location, and opt to either control the displays on the fly or according to a pre-determined schedule.

Manage all displays remotely from a central location

Upon configuring all of their Samsung SMART Signage to tie into MagicInfo Server, companies can unlock new levels of value through having the capability to remotely monitor and manage displays. This bypasses the tediousness and inefficiency from having to oversee displays wherever they happen to be situated. Remote monitoring encompasses everything from being able to turn the Samsung SMART Signage on and off to being able to uphold quality assurance of digital messaging through seeing the content being played on the device in real time. MagicInfo Server is the bridge that allows for a countless number of networked displays to be managed at once.